Chances are, if you’re from south Texas, you’ve been here at least once! You’ve danced here, loved here, or fell in love here! Hundreds of thousands have. Heck, hundreds have been married here! What can you say about a nightclub that has thrived for over 35 years in an industry where two years is the average? Let’s just say that Midnight Rodeo and those who have been here, understand.

Over 25,000 square feet continue to be enjoyed by young and old alike – as country music and a patented race track dance floor transcend all age groups in appeal. Legendary and San Antonio famous DJ Pete Anderberg serves up the best country good time in the state! Customer surveys pinpoint the following when responding to the question: what do you like about us? Atmosphere, music, dance floor, friendly staff, age group of guests and our favorite and 2nd highest answer – “Everything!” Midnight Rodeo – An Acre of Dancin’ and Glancin’ at Thousand Oaks & Nacogdoches in San Antonio. Hope to see y’all here again soon, ya hear?

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