Thursday, October 26

Ram Herrera with LeDezz

$10 in advance, $15 day of show for 18+ (plus applicable fees) Doors: 8 pm
08:00 PM | $10.00 | 18


Grammy nominee Ramiro Herrera is a legend in the Texas music industry. His is one of the rare musical careers to successfully span three decades.

Ram became the lead singer for David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales in 1981 and audiences across the country saw him shine like a star. So bright in fact that he was signed to his own high profile solo recording contract. Selena often opened shows for him and it was Ram Herrera on the bill with her at the now famous concert at the Houston Rodeo depicted in the Selena movie. Now, in the middle of his career, twenty years and twenty four records later, Ram’s new “Ingrata” CD is nominated for a La tin Grammy Award.

In addition to Gold Records, Vocalist, Entertainer, Song and Album of the Year Awards and a Grammy nomination, Ram has received the Humanitarian Award and Texas Governor Ann Richards’ recognition for his work with Teach the Children. It’s easy for an entertainer to be described as a good person in a press release. It’s altogether different to be known on the street as a man who gives from his heart. Ram has been a driving force for the Brown Santa organization, collecting toys and food for those who would otherwise do without. Through services such as the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner and the Texas Diabetes Association, Ram’s efforts have bettered many people’s lives.

Ram Herrera has the biggest, smoothest voice in Texas. He leads “The Outlaws” a red hot horn powered big band that owns the stage, thrilling audiences on everything from hooky cumbias and power ballads to cool Salsa grooves and hot Latin rock. Ram, his band and his organization put musical quality and production value first and it shows in the incredible excitement they generate in town after town, night after night. Ram is excited about his relationship with Tejas Records which he feels will allow him to make more of the best CDs of his career. His 25th CD will be his historic first “Live In Concert” album, recorded by Grammy award winner Malcolm Harper and set for release on October 1st, 2002. Pre-production is starting now for his next studio project, the follow-up to the internationally recognized “Ingrata” album.

Ram is focused on the future, more excited than ever about entertaining his fans, both live and on CD, and that energy is leading to greater success. The best example is the recent recognition from the Grammy organization which has caused media from all over the world to search for “The Most Wanted Man in Texas”.

It’s said that success comes to those with great talent and it lasts for those that know what to do with it. Take a close look at the musical career of Ram Herrera and you will see how true that is. Now and in the years to come, watch with us as Ram continues to achieve new heights within the music industry.


The Ledesma name has been in the music business for over thirty years, but
their love and talent has reached over three generations. From their humble beginnings in Wichita Falls Tx, to their well known popularity in San Antonio,
they have managed to touch and inspire thousands with their variety styles of music.
LaDezz is formed by two brothers, whom decided to come together and create
a powerhouse in todays music industry, Mark and David Ledesma. Born and raised
in north Texas, the two grew up in a very musical family. Their father, Manuel Ledesma, played guitar and sang with his brothers for many years and were well known throughout their community. Manuel had three sons, Mark, Richie, and David, who would eventually follow in their fathers footsteps. Mark started playing piano at the age of eight and it wasn’t to long after that his father took notice and made him a member of the band. The first band Mark ever played with was called,
“Little Mark and Vision”. Mark went on to form bands with his younger brother Richie and played in many ballrooms and dance halls gaining strong popularity. David Ledesma, the youngest of the brothers, set his talent on singing. He, like his
brothers, were raised on all types of music. From R&B to, Country, Soul, Tejano and Jazz. When David was fourteen he sang for his brothers for the first time and the rest was history. In the early stages of their careers the brothers Mark and David took on different paths but on occasion would come together and collaborate on many projects. They have produced, written, and added their vocal talents to many of todays top artists. Moving to San Antonio in the mid 90’s they joined forces and added their smooth vocal stylings to the one and only “The Band”. Which is the band who backs up “The Voice”, Mr.Jay Perez. In 2000 Mark went from a background vocalist to the front man and joined “David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales”.
Mark and DLG had a ten year run then in 2010 decided to part ways. David has sang and auditioned for the popular shows,”Americas Got Talent” and “The Voice”.
He went on to sing lead and form his own band in 2011. Both have worked on countless projects and continue to this day to sit in with their good friends, Jay Perez and David Lee Garza. Now they come together to bring you the group….LaDezz. When asked how they would describe their music, they would simply reply “genuine”. Their sound is truly original and they are masters of their craft.

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